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We care about our clients
With options in various accredited hospitals in Mumbai, we cater to all segments of clients
Efficient one-stop medical care
Our dedicated team will offer you a hassle free experience when visiting India. You can focus on your recovery and we take care of every detail of your trip
A World of Choices
We provide patients with numerous, and affordable, healthcare options. Our network covers JCI/NABH accredited hospitals as well as selected top surgeons in Mumbai
Unparalleled affordable services
India offers low cost treatment plans and provides the best quality medical services compared to other countries
About Us
TravaCure Consultants is a leading company offering medical treatment packages and care in Mumbai, India. Our dedicated team offers you end to end support on your medical queries, We help you consult doctors in India in JCI/NABH accredited hospitals and arrange all your travel plans offering you peace of mind during your travel.
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