Getting Started
  • Step 1: Get in touch with us

    Contact TravaCure Consultants team by
    Email: or
    Call: +91 77 38440011

  • Step 2: Send us your Medical Reports

    To evaluate your best treatment options we encourage you to send us the results of your tests like echo-cardiogram, MRI, CT Scans or other documents, for further review and evaluation.

  • Step 3: Tailor making your treatment

    Our team will discuss your medical reports with treating doctor, keeping in mind to provide you with highest quality treatment plan at an affordable cost. Cost Estimates is then emailed

  • Step 4: Decision point

    Our team requires your confirmation on the quotes we have sent. Once confirmed, we start processing your booking arrangements

  • Step 5: Arrange your trip

    Depending on your choice, our team or you can arange for your trip. Visa arrangements, hotel bookings and flights tickets should be arranged along with your treatment dates

    For hotel bookings click here

  • Step 6: Arrival at Mumbai

    Your destination manager will arrange your airport pickup and shall escort you to your hotel. He/she will schedule with your Pre-operation / Procedure required Check-ups

  • Step 7: The procedure

    You will undergo the required treatment plan by a team of specialist Doctors

  • Step 8: Post operation

    After the treatment you shall stay at the chosen accommodation for the prescribed days of stay in hospital with one attendant (by choice).

  • Step 9: Traveling back to your country

    Your destination manager will arrange your transportation back to Mumbai airport.